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The new registration requirement of Integrity Management for all registered companies started from 1 April 2022. Senior management staff of the registered companies are required to complete recognized integrity training. To learn more about integrity training, please visit the ICAC’s website.

Certificate for Construction Safety Supervisors for academic year 2022-23 has a few number of standby quota. Application period will start from 6 April 2023. A designated application form will be open for download during the application period. Interested applicants can follow the instructions on the application form and submit it in person or by email together with copies of the required documents. For details, please refer to the application form. Application period may be ended earlier without prior notice upon class is full.

Registered specialist Trade Contractors Scheme invite management and site supervisory staff aged 45 or below to join the Young Leaders Network, the network aims to nurture new generations of leaders by a list of activities and provide an impetus and resources platform to strengthen industry cohesiveness.

Hong Kong Institute of Construction - Safety Training

With an aim to train up semi-skilled workers to become skilled workers in order to meet the demand on skilled workers in the industry, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) is organising this skills enhancement course to allow the semi-skilled workers to take part in trade test through short term training.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new technology enabling architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry practitioners to holistically manage information related to construction projects. CIC aims to foster practitioners' understanding of BIM and develops the freeware "Teaching and Learning Kit for BIM Viewer Training" for practitioners. For any enquiries, please contact

These programmes aim to train up frontline staff of construction works (including E&M works) with the basic technique of using Navisworks to view and comment BIM models.

Designated for Management Personnel of Registered Specialist Trade Contractors, and equivalent to fulfilling the registration requirement on Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Hong Kong Institute of Construction - Safety Training

Hong Kong Institute of Construction - Safety Training

Suitable for proprietor, foreman and supervisory staff working for sub-contractors.

This programme aims to enhance the management staff of subcontractor the requisite knowledge and skills to improve their competence in project management and supervision works.

The programme aims to equip Drafts persons, supervisors, foremen with starting AutoCAD and drawing command; Object snap and modify command, etc.

The programme aims to equip in-service foreman with the latest knowledge and skills of digital construction, and subsequently apply them in their daily operation and supervision works, thereby promoting the overall development, quality and efficiency of the construction industry.

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