The new registration requirement of Integrity Management for all registered companies started from 1 April 2022. Senior management staff of the registered companies are required to complete recognized integrity training. To learn more about integrity training, please visit the ICAC’s website.

Certificate for Construction Safety Supervisors for academic year 2022-23 has a few number of standby quota. Application period will start from 6 April 2023. A designated application form will be open for download during the application period. Interested applicants can follow the instructions on the application form and submit it in person or by email together with copies of the required documents. For details, please refer to the application form. Application period may be ended earlier without prior notice upon class is full.

Registered specialist Trade Contractors Scheme invite management and site supervisory staff aged 45 or below to join the Young Leaders Network, the network aims to nurture new generations of leaders by a list of activities and provide an impetus and resources platform to strengthen industry cohesiveness.

Hong Kong Institute of Construction - Safety Training for Specified Trade. RSTCS required each technical staff members to complete the respective Silver Card course (if applicable)

Date Title Source

2024.02.28 Over 370 well trained graduates are now ready to contribute to HK’s construction industry! Hong Kong Institute of Construction

2023.12.28 The Good Practice Manuals for Concreting Formwork and Re-bar Fixing Designated Trades have been published! Construction Industry Council

2023.11.10 CIC Took Regulatory Action Against Two Contractors under the RSTCS in Relation to the Fatal Accident at Tsim Sha Tsui Austin Road West Construction Industry Council

2023.09.29 “Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme” to Upgrade “Building Maintenance” and “Interior Fitting-out” as Designated Trades from October 2023 Construction Industry Council

2023.09.04 Adding“Building Maintenance” and “Interior Fitting-out” as Designated Trades under RSTCS from October 2023 (Chinese only) Construction Industry Council

2023.09.01 Transitional Arrangement for Group 1 Registered Specialist Trade Contractor (RSTC) for Building Drainage Installation will be expired on 29 February 2024 Construction Industry Council

2023.06.07 ICAC Corruption Prevetion Service (Chinese only) ICAC

2023.05.04 Construction Industry Jointly Fosters a Probity Culture Construction Industry Council

2023.04.13 Good MPF Employer Award 2022-23 Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

2023.03.31 The Grace Period of Group 1 Registered Specialist Trade Contractors for Designated Trades Suspended Ceiling and Tower Crane (Erecting, Dismantling and Altering Height) Ends Soon. Submit Application Now to Avoid Removal from the Register. Construction Industry Council

Young Leaders Network aims to groom new generation of young leaders of specialist trade contractor and subcontractors registered under the CIC registration schemes, to be visionary, innovative and committed future leaders for taking part on driving the sustainable development of the Hong Kong construction industry. The Network plays a pivotal role in nurturing young leaders by serving as a resource platform for them in diverse ways. Through a series of interactive activities, the Network provides young leaders with opportunities of cross professions collaboration, constructive stakeholders interaction and relationships development for unleashing their potentials and improving capabilities. Click here for more information. Get Involved