The CIC will implement in phases the new requirements of “integrity management” under Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme from 1 April 2022 . To enable Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Registered Subcontractors to get prepared for the new registration requirements, representatives from CIC & ICAC will explain them comprehensively in the webinar.

Designated for Management Personnel of Registered Specialist Trade Contractors, and equivalent to fulfilling the registration requirement on Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new technology enabling architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry practitioners to holistically manage information related to construction projects. CIC aims to foster practitioners' understanding of BIM and develops the freeware "Teaching and Learning Kit for BIM Viewer Training" for practitioners. For any enquiries, please contact

The programme aims to equip in-service foreman with the latest knowledge and skills of digital construction, and subsequently apply them in their daily operation and supervision works, thereby promoting the overall development, quality and efficiency of the construction industry.

Date Title Source

2022.01.14 The upgrade of Suspended Ceiling and Tower Crane (Erecting, Dismantling and Altering Height) to designated trades under the RSTCS takes effect from 1 April 2022. Group 2 registration pre-vetting starts now (Chinese Version Only) Construction Industry Council

2022.01.01 Guard against the Omicron variant - Construction workers urged to get vaccinated Construction Industry Council

2021.10.18 Submit Application Now - The Grace Period of Group 1 Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Ends Soon Development Bureau, Hong Kong Housing Authority and Construction Industry Council

2021.09.24 Construction Industry Council Appeals to the Construction Industry to Subscribe the Integrity Charter for Enhancing Competitiveness Construction Industry Council

2021.09.23 Corruption Prevention Checklist - Recruitment of Construction Workers ICAC Corruption Prevention Advisory Services

2021.06.04 CIC POWER TALK! The Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme - Milestone and Foresight Construction Industry Council

2021.04.16 Construction Industry Acknowledges Vaccine Completion Record as Valid Negative Result for Regular COVID-19 Testing (Chinese Version Only) Construction Industry Council

2021.01.18 The Grace Period of Group 1 Registered Specialist Trade Contractors will end on 31st March 2022 Construction Industry Council

2020.11.11 Upgrading of plastering to designated trade effective from 1 January 2021. Group 2 registration pre-vetting starts now! Construction Industry Council

2020.07.20 Imposition of Tender Limits on Subcontracting under Public Works Contracts to be effective on 1 October 2020 Construction Industry Council

Young Leaders Network aims to groom new generation of young leaders of specialist trade contractor and subcontractors registered under the CIC registration schemes, to be visionary, innovative and committed future leaders for taking part on driving the sustainable development of the Hong Kong construction industry. The Network plays a pivotal role in nurturing young leaders by serving as a resource platform for them in diverse ways. Through a series of interactive activities, the Network provides young leaders with opportunities of cross professions collaboration, constructive stakeholders interaction and relationships development for unleashing their potentials and improving capabilities. Click here for more information. Get Involved