Committee on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme Chairperson's Message

The Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (RSTCS), launched in 2019, is a unique administrative registration scheme for specialist trade contractors and subcontractors of Hong Kong, succeeding the then Subcontractor Registration Scheme which was established back in 2003.  Through the comprehensive registration requirements on six core values: safety, management, job experience, execution, finance and integrity management, the RSTCS had gathered a pool of professional, competent and responsible trade practitioners.   

The RSTCS covers civil, building, electrical and mechanical construction as well as repairs, maintenance, alteration and addition (RMAA) trades.  We welcome industry stakeholders and public to search for and engage suitable specialist trade contractors and subcontractors from the Registers on the RSTCS Website. 

You are invited to visit the "Achievement Highlight" and the "Good Practice Manuals" web pages in this website to get to know the professionalism of the RSTCS registered companies as well as their sharing of experience in construction safety, project management, adoption of advanced technology and catalysing industry transformation. 

The RSTCS safeguards the quality of our registered companies.  All registered companies have to renew their applications every three year to update their company information for assessment of suitability to be continued listed under the RSTCS.  The RSTCS has established a comprehensive regulatory mechanism.  Registered companies subject to convicted cases under the relevant legislation will be subject to regulatory actions of warning letter, suspension or revocation.  Moreover, a registered company involved in fatal accident(s) will be subject to immediate suspension to review its internal safety system before uplift of the suspension.  Notice of Regulatory Actions are published on the scheme website for easy information.

The RSTCS is well recognized by the Government, public organisations, developers, professional institutions and trade associations. By having the passionate support from the industry stakeholders, the RSTCS not only serves as a platform for specialist trade contractors and subcontractors to optimise the opportunities for continuous growth and development.  The RSTCS also elevates them to venture into new dimensions of development in the days ahead.

Ir Edwin TONG Ka-hung, SBS
Chairperson, Committee on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme 


Addition of the Fifteenth to Twentieth designated trade

The upgrade of Painting, Metal Work, Structural Steelwork, Horticultural Works, Arboricultural Works and Skyrise Greenery Works trade as the fifteenth to twentieth designated trade for enhancing professionalism of industry is effective from 1 May 2024.

Addition of the Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth designated trade

The upgrade of Levelling & Setting Out trade as the twelfth designated trade for enhancing professionalism of industry is effective from 1 March 2023 while the upgrades of Building Maintenance and Interior Fitting-out trade as the thirteenth and fourteenth designated trade are effective from 1 September 2023.

Enhancement of Registration Requirements for the First eight Designated Trades

Key measures include requiring Group 2 registered companies to lift the qualifications and number of dedicated safety and management personnel and to have staff with BIM Viewer qualification, etc, with a view to enhancing the comprehensive capabilities and professionalism of the registered specialist trade contractors.

Addition of the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh designated trade

The upgrade of Suspended Ceiling and Tower Crane (Erecting, Dismantling and Altering Height) trade as the Ninth and Tenth designated trade for enhancing professionalism of industry is effective from 1 April 2022 while the upgrade of Building Drainage Installation trade as the Eleventh designated trade for enhancing professionalism of industry is effective from 1 September 2022.

Addition of the Eighth designated trade

The upgrade of plastering trade as the eighth designated trade for enhancing professionalism of industry is effective from 1 January 2021.

Addition of "Integrity Management" as one of the core elements for registration

Along with the current registration requirements in terms of safety, management, job experience, execution and finance, "Integrity Management" is added as the sixth registration requirement in September 2021 to uplift professionalism of the industry.
Imposition of tender limits on subcontracting under Public Works Contracts

Development Bureau and Housing Authority impose tender limits arrangement on subcontracts of seven designated trades in their works contracts to be tendered out on or after 1 October 2020 in accordance with the RSTCS.
Establishment of "Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme" (RSTCS)

The RSTCS uplifts the registration requirements of the seven designated trades in respect of safety, management, job experience, execution and finance. Registered subcontractors continue to be applicable for other civil, building, electrical and mechanical trades.
Rename as
"Subcontractor Registration
Scheme" (SRS)

The rename was to indicate the broadening of the scope and coverage of the scheme, including facilitation of start-up companies to register with the scheme and enhancement of the registration requirements.
CIC operated VSRS

The CIC took over and review the operation of the VSRS, aiming to enhance the scheme to continue improving the performance of subcontractors connected with the construction industry.
Launch of "Voluntary Subcontractor Registration Scheme" (VSRS)

Based on the recommendations arising from the "Construct for Excellence" Report of the Construction Industry Review Committee, the Provisional Construction Industry Co-ordination Board implemented VSRS to build up a pool of capable and responsible subcontractors with specialised skills and strong professional competence.

The Scheme aims to build up a pool of professional and committed trade contractors with specialised skills through recognised registration system for development of the construction industry.

Registered Companies
  • Enjoy enhanced recognition in pertinent trades by fulfilling the registration requirements and performance standard of the Scheme.
  • Strengthen incentives for the best performance through establishment of registration echelon.
  • Increase the visibility of the registered companies in tapping business opportunities by granting industry stakeholders’ access to the online Registers. 
  • Obtain the latest industry and the CIC news and updates to expand network and explore development opportunities. 

Industrial Stakeholders
  • Provide a set of common competency standards for the subcontracting, assist enterprises to improve project management and foster their manpower development.
  • Enhance overall standards of the industry and its professional image.
  • Set up a user-friendly online Registers to streamlining tendering procedures and contracts formulation for main contractors.
  • Provide an environment conducive to conducting business, to pool and nurture more talented Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Subcontractors.
  • Increase the added value, productivity and competitiveness of construction industry and seize the opportunities in Greater Bay Area development.

Job Experience
Integrity Management

The CIC received supports from many supporting organisations since implementation of the RSTCS in April 2019. With their enthusiastic responses, the provision of engagement of Registered Specialist Trade Contractors and Registered Subcontractors were subsequently incorporated into the relevant construction projects and contracts under a number of stakeholders. Please click here to download the Scheme Reference "Model Clauses for Engagement of Subcontractors registered from the RSTCS”.   

  • Development Bureau
  • The Hong Kong Construction Association 
  • Airport Authority Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors
  • Hong Kong Housing Authority
  • Hong Kong General Building Contractors Association
  • Hong Kong Housing Society
  • The Hong Kong Registered Contractors Association 
  • Hospital Authority
  • The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong
  • MTR Corporation Limited
  • The Hong Kong Real Property Federation
  • Swire Properties Limited
  • Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Federation
  • Urban Renewal Authority
  • The Association of Plastering Sub-Contractors Limited
  • West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
  • Hong Kong Architectural Ceiling Association
  • Build King Holdings Limited
  • Hong Kong Bar-Bending Contractors Association
  • Chevalier Group
  • The Hong Kong Concretor Contractors Association
  • China Overseas Building Construction Limited
  • Hong Kong Facade Association
  • China Road and Bridge Corporation
  • Hong Kong Formwork Contractors Association 
  • China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Kowloon Scaffolders General Merchants Association 
  • China State Foundation Engineering Limited
  • The Hong Kong Leveling Contractors Association
  • Hip Seng Construction Company Limited
  • Hong Kong Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Trade Association
  • Kum Shing Group
  • Hong Kong Tower Crane Association
  • Vibro (H.K.) Ltd.
  • Yau Lee Construction Company Limited