Registered Specialist Trade Contractors are applicable for the 8 Designated Trades of -

With effect from 1 April 2019, the Subcontractor Registration Scheme (SRS) has been renamed as the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (RSTCS) together with a couple of enhancements. All subcontractors who are registered under the seven trades namely Concreting, Concreting Formwork, Curtain Wall, Demolition, Erection of Concrete Precast Component, Reinforcement Bar Fixing and Scaffolding of the SRS have automatically become Registered Specialist Trade Contractors under the RSTCS and no application is required. All subcontractors who are registered under the remaining trades of the SRS have been retained as Registered Subcontractors under RSTCS and no application is required. All reference to the SRS shall be substituted by the RSTCS with effect from 1 April 2019. For existing construction contracts where subcontractors are required to register under the relevant trades available in the SRS, such subcontractors shall be deemed to have fulfilled that requirement if they are registered under the relevant trades in the RSTCS.
The upgrade of plastering trade as the eighth designated trade under the RSTCS takes effect from 1 January 2021. By then, all Registered Subcontractors of plastering trade  automatically become Group 1 Plastering Trade Registered Specialist Trade Contractor and no application is required.


Submit the application form and supporting documents 
  Finish the payment
Acknowledgement of application in 5 working days upon receipt
Vet application by the Committee on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme of CIC
Notify application result within 25 working days upon receipt of completed application information

Accession to the register

How to Apply

Submit via Online Application System (Please use Google Chrome internet browser) (Only online application is accepted from 30 July 2021):

Apply for Induction Workshop for Registered Specialist Trade Contractors

Rules and Procedures

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