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Welcome to the Registers of Specialist Trade Contractors / Subcontractors ("Registers"). The Registers are a centralized online database compiled by the Construction Industry Council for providing quick reference on Registered Specialist Trade Contractors / Subcontractors to the public. All companies listed on the Registers ("Registered Companies") are recognized under the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme. Users should be aware that the Registers are compiled on the basis of registration information provided by Registered Companies. It may be subject to change and the coverage of the latest contents may not be necessarily exhaustive. The Registers could only be updated upon provision of the latest information by the Registered Companies. The Registers are for the purpose of facilitating the public and industry stakehoders in searching and identifying Registered Companies. The personal data contained in the Registers must not be used for any non-directly related purposes. Any improper use of the personal data therein may constitute contravention of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.